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by Lauren on February 11, 2010

There is something I’ve been meaning to share this with you all for a while, so I felt like there was no better day then today. Well, I was invited to an Editors Showcase for health and nutrition in New York City. The Showcase took place at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square and was put on my Fast Forward Ventures.

This health and nutrition showcase was the first one I’ve ever attended and was a really educational experience. There were so many brands that attended who have healthy and nutritious products on the market. I was able to learn about these brands, products, and the people behind them.

I was a little overwhelmed at first, but I finally got comfortable and had a really good time meeting everyone. The event itself was well organized, upbeat, and really informative. Fast Forward Ventures really went all out, and put on a GREAT showcase.

I forgot to take pictures of me with all the products, but I got lots of pictures of the displays. I was surprised at how many brands and products are out there that I never new existed. I will go into detail about each brand more as I review their products on my blog. The companies who’s products I didn’t know very well included Abbot Nutrition (they carry Pedialyte, Juven, Zone Bars, Ensure, Myoplex, and many other brands), American Council on Exercise (which I didn’t get to spend any time with because they were being filmed by a TV crew), Beveri Nutrition, The Almond Board of California, Biotta Premium Organic juices, Kamut International, the BRAT Diet, Brenda Watson and Renew Life, Topricin Topical Biomedics, Falafel Republic (some of the best falafel I’ve had), French Meadow Bakery (who were introducing their new gluten free line), Flavor Magic Portion Controlled Sheets, Mountain High Organics, Natrol, Real Goodness lactose free milk, Resvitale, and The National Shrimp Council (which I didn’t even get to because we ran out of time).

And of course there were a ton of brands there that we all know and love. Most of them are pictured, but some are not. There was Myoplex, Laughing Cow, Soyjoy, Naturemade, Honest Teas, Pirate Brands (aka Pirates Booty), Fiber One, General Mills (who was introducing their gluten free products), KIND Healthy Snacks, La Tortilla Factory, General Mills, Tribe Hummus and much much more.

Out of all the companies there, some really stuck out to me. These next few companies had natural, healthy, simple foods, and I loved how they tasted as well as how nutritious they were. Like I said, I will go into more detail about each company and their products in future posts, but I just wanted to show you who they were. These outstanding companies included Metromint and Metroelectro waters, Funky Monkey freeze dried fruit, Kettle Cuisine all natural gluten free soups, Mann’s packaged vegetables, and Sunland all natural and organic valencia peanut butters and nut butters.

I have already written some reviews about the products I was able to try, and you can check them out here:

While at the Editors Showcase I met one very inspiring man. His name is Jothy Rosenberg. Jothy is a two-time cancer survivor, amputee, entrepreneur, and now author. He lost his leg to a rare cancer at the young age of 16, then a lung at 19. He was told after 10 months of brutal chemo (early days when doses were double) that he would not survive. In teenage rebellion, he went to Utah and skied for 100 days straight because he “wanted to die doing something he loved.” Now a grandfather, Jothy is alive, healthy and thriving today at age 53. If you didn’t already know, February is national cancer prevention month, and I will be interviewing Jothy about some of his amazing accomplishments and triumphs. He has accomplished a lot during his lifetime including:

  • Open water swim between Alcatraz and San Francisco (16x)
  • Nearly 200 miles in the annual Pan-Mass Challenge bike race (7x; raised $52,000)
  • Double black-diamond skier
  • Founded six start-up tech companies; earned a PhD
  • Authored of a new book Who Says I Can’t (
  • Teaches all he touches to appreciate what we have, use it well, and know our potential

I would say he is a pretty inspiring person-don’t you? I am thrilled he wanted to do this interview with me so I can share his story with all of you.

It was such a pleasure to meet all these companies and the people behind them, and I hope to work with them more in the future. There are some really fabulous products out there that are worth sharing with everyone. It was a long day in New York, but totally worth it, and I went home with a ton of swag which was an added bonus.

Along with doing reviews of the product on my blog, a lot of the companies have agreed to offer my readers some of their fabulous products as well. You know what that means right…..GIVEAWAYS! Yes, I have tons of giveaways set up for the coming weeks, and you will have many many chances to win. So stay tuned!

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Susan February 11, 2010 at 7:31 pm

Wow sounds like you had a great day at the health and nutrition conference in New York. So jealous wish I could fly over to New York and attend it. Love learning more about good food and healthy eating. We don’t have as much of a selection of food here in Ireland but I try and buy from local farms and shops here.


Abby February 11, 2010 at 10:15 pm

Oh wow, Lauren this conference looks amazing.. Im incredibly jealous. I would love love love to attend something like that!!
YA for yummy swag.. cant beat that! :)

As for the chias.. I know, I know.. but when they soak in almond milk or water they get so gelatinous.. its a texture thing for


Gracie February 12, 2010 at 12:46 am

Whoa. Looks like so much fun!!

And yes, I’m going to FitBloggin’ =) Can’t wait! I look forward to meeting youuu!


Emily February 12, 2010 at 3:01 am

Hi Lauren! I’m so glad you found my blog. I always like “meeting” fellow foodies. :-)

The showcase sounds awesome. Trying new products is always a good time, especially when they’re free!


fromatopink February 12, 2010 at 5:22 am

Wow that looks like quite a fun opportunity! And Jothy sounds like a very inspiring man – I can’t wait to hear more of his story!


fittoindulge February 12, 2010 at 5:36 am

I can’t even tell you how jealous I am that you were at the Nutrition Editors Showcase! I wish I lived near NY. It looks like a great time, and I look forward to your product reviews and *ahem* giveaways ;)


luckytastebuds February 12, 2010 at 2:47 pm

Hey there!! I just found your blog and really am just loving your writing style and fabulous re-caps of cool happenings! So many great in-action pictures….and of course the free swag ROCKS. :) NY is still the coolest city ever. hehehe


Nicci@NiftyEats February 12, 2010 at 6:20 pm

Wow, great conference. Can’t wait to read the reviews and discover some new products.


Hannah February 22, 2010 at 12:18 am

Dear Lauren,

Greetings from Montana! I am glad you enjoyed the showcase in New York it is always great to see so many great products in one venue! I represent Kamut International, and we were happy to see your mention. If you have any questions about our products we would love to help! We hope to see you on twitter. This breakfast looks scrumptious. My name is Hannah and I represent Kamut International. We love to see great blogs about this amazing wheat. Thanks for the mention. We would love to see you on twitter.




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